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Published: April 20, 2016

It was recently announced that Continental Motors Group signed a Master Distributor Agreement with Aviall.

We have been asked by a number of our customers how they will be impacted. We felt it important to clarify, we are working hard to ensure they will be impacted very little:
• Progressive Air Services remains a Continental parts dealer. All Continental parts can be sourced directly from Progressive Air Services at competitive prices. We are committed to carry enough inventory to minimize downtime and meet all of our clients’ engine needs,
• Progressive Air Services will continue to supply Continental engines directly from the factory.
• As an independent parts distributor, Progressive Air Services is in the unique position to offer a number of parts alternatives for your aviation needs. Our experienced staff have decades of experience in the industry, as well as the Progressive Air Team,
• Our Aero Sport Power division recently celebrated its 2,100th built or overhauled kit-built engine. We will continue to build customized CMI uncertified engine kits provided direct from Continental-San Antonio’s facility.
Progressive Air Group is a growing general and business aviation company, which has supported the industry for over 42 years. We will continue to be an independent and impartial source of competitively priced aviation parts to our clients globally. We pride ourselves on two things: unprecedented customer service, and exceptional expertise & knowledge.

If you have any questions, please contact our parts sales team (Kevin, Darren J., Chelsey, Corey, or Bonnie) at 1-800-264-6019 or email us at: Many of you have been dealing with them for over a decade.

For factory engine sales, please contact Margaret at: Margaret is a veteran in the aviation field, and has over 35 years as both a certified AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer), and a key team member of the Progressive Air.

In conclusion, we thank all of our customers for your support and business over the decades. Progressive Air Group will continue to work hard to provide its usual unprecedented customer service with our exceptional product knowledge at competitive prices.

Rob Wharf – President

For Immediate Release

Published: June 5, 2014


New venture will bring all three successful aviation businesses under the

Progressive Air Group of Companies and hasten the introduction of new products and services.

Kamloops, B.C.: Rob Wharf, Owner/President of the Progressive Air Group of Companies announced today that they have finalized the purchase of Aero Sport Power, Progressive Air Services and ProAero Engines from the three companies’ original ownership group.

“We both see great potential in the people and products the three companies offer. I have been the General Manager at Progressive Air since 2012 and to now be an owner/partner of not only that company, but its two sister organizations as well, is truly fulfilling,” Wharf said. “Alvin Hickey and Brian Barron, the original founders of the companies, and their longtime partner George Tetreau, have built an exceptional group of businesses and when they said they would be interested in selling.”

Wharf also stressed that Hickey, Barron and Tetreau are going to remain as advisors and continue to provide support and guidance to the Progressive Air Group. “Their experience and knowledge are much too valuable to let slip away,” he said.

“Whether it’s building an experimental engine, supplying needed parts globally to maintainers or overhauling an owner’s certificated aircraft engine, the current management and technical teams at the three companies has already built an exceptionally strong reputation for quality and value,” Collins added. “Customers come to us knowing they are going to benefit from experts with years of experience. Many of our long-time customers have had the same engineers work on their aircraft, or aeronautical products for 15-or more years. That’s not going to change.”

Collins also said that along with finding ways to better integrate the skills already found in the three companies, he and Wharf are looking to expand their current service offerings.

“One immediate change is we will be updating the name of ProAero Engines to ProAero Aviation to better reflect the company’s introduction of new services including on-wing work, non-engine component repairs and NDT (non-destructive testing) services,” he said. “The combination of the talents we already have in the companies will also enable us to more quickly expand into other sectors including airframe MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) for both aircraft and helicopters.”

“We look forward to starting the next chapter in the successful, and long-standing history of what are now the Progressive Air Group of Companies,” Collins said. “Much has been done over the past years to implement and achieve the vision of maintaining top quality, in-house products and services. We now look to continue that high level of service to our current and future customers.”